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Beer Contamination Detection by Sterile Filtration

This comprehensive microbiological analysis utilizes sterile filtration and a variety of selective media in order to detect and quantify potential yeast and bacterial beer spoilers. A 100mL sample is filtered and grown on UBA, WLD, MRS (with cycloheximide), Lysine, and LWYM under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Any growth is then catalase tested and gram stained. Results include total Colony Forming Units (CFUs) per 100mL sample, CFUs per growth formation and microscopic pictures of the growth. If samples have a high biological load or are unable to move through the filters, spread plate methods will be utilized. Sample requirements: three 12oz. duplicate containers per sample being analyzed.

MALDI-TOF Microbial Identification Analysis for Bacterial Isolates

Do you have an isolated bacterial culture that you'd like to know the identity of? If so than this analysis may be of interest to you. The MALDI Biotyper uses MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight) mass spectrometry to identify microorganisms by analyzing ribosomal proteins that create a unique fingerprint. Identification to the species level is achieved by comparing the sample fingerprint to a library of more than 5000 fingerprints. This analysis is for isolated bacterial cultures only due to the current limited yeast library. Isolated samples may be submitted on plate media or in broth media and must be shipped overnight on ice. Sample size requirements: One isolated sample shipped overnight.

Beer Contamination Detection by PCR

This lab analysis utilizes the Pall Genedisc Cycler V3 Unit and Ultra-Lyser. Finished beer, yeast slurries, or any samples taken during fermentation can be analyzed. Pasteurization samples will need an additional enrichment step to increase sensitivity. See below for a list of species identified through this PCR analysis. Sample size required: four 12 oz. containers of finished product per analysis.